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Legal aspects

With these measures, we want to ensure that the university is not just family-friendly on paper, but that employees can make use of concrete provisions and rules that benefit their family situation.

Irrespective of who would be in need of care caring or for whom you have to organise care, you have several options regarding labour law or study law for having some time to care or to organise care.

Here you can find an overview of Information on provisions of both employee's councils as well as the University of Graz Employer Agreements and Directives on the following topics:

  • early maternity holiday for fathers “Papamonat” (dad month)
  • flexible working hours (only AUP)
  • mobile working
  • mobility and parking spaces
  • provision of financial support/advance payments of salaries or remunerations
  • sabbaticals
  • special leave/inability to work

General law regulations applicable to parents, guardians, and carers at University:

Human Resources has provided a guideline on taking time out from your career to help you to plan how best to take time off and how to re-enter the workplace.

If you have any further legal questions regarding family care responsibilities, please contact the unikid & unicare information centre, your employee’s council or Human Resources.

Legal information on this website was checked by Dr. Paula Aschauer and Mag. Michaela Stark (2018).


Mag. Julia Spiegl, Head of department
Harrachgasse 32, 8010 Graz
Phone:+43 (0)316 380 - 2168

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Information on financial support
unikid - living with children
unicare - caring for adults/elderly

application forms day care leave, birth, Papamonat, parental leave, care leave, end-of-life care leave, ...

GUIDELINES career breaks

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