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Care leave & part time work for carers

The agreement can only be made once per employee and family member in need of care. However, if the amount of care needed increases by at least one level, care leave or part time work for carers can be agreed on once again. Please find more infomation under the following link.

During care leave, no remuneration will be paid, but you are entitled to a care leave allowance.


IMPORTANT INFORMATION: If there is a sudden need for care, the care allowance decision makers are encouraged to complete the procedure for granting or increasing the care allowance within three weeks, once they have been informed of the decision to take advantage of care leave/part time work for carers (accelerated procedure).


Further information on care leave allowance:


Mag. Julia Spiegl, Head of department
Harrachgasse 32, 8010 Graz
Phone:+43 (0)316 380 - 2168

Please make an appointment


Information on financial support
unikid - living with children
unicare - caring for adults/elderly

application forms day care leave, birth, Papamonat, parental leave, care leave, end-of-life care leave, ...

Guideline on sabbaticals and leaves

Care institutions and organisations

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