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Internal rulings of the University of Graz

Employer agreement on flexible working hours (only AUP)

Working conditions at the University of Graz apply to both men and women, and make it possible to combine work and family life.

In general you can organise your working hours flexible between 7am and 6pm (flexi-time) in agreement with your supervisor. Depending on weekly working hours, core working time is from 9am to 12 am/2pm.
Furthermore, it is possible to reach an individual agreement on working times if you need to care for a child living in the same household or for close family members living in the same household.
If legitimate reasons exist, it is also possible to reach an individual agreement on working times if you need to care for children or close family members not living in the same household.

Employer agreement on early maternity leave for fathers “Papamonat”

If you are living in the same household as the child and the mother, you can take parental leave after the birth of the child for up to four weeks, while the mother is not allowed to work, in return for not receiving your salary. Social insurance will continue to be paid by the employer.

The start and length of maternity leave need to be registered one week before intended begin at the latest.

Employer agreement on special leave/inability to work

All university employees can apply for special leave if there are important personal or family reasons or for any other special event. If the application is granted, the employee is entitled to receive their full salary.

The University of Graz is aware that there are many different family constellations today. For this reason, applications for special leave can be granted if you need to accompany close family members (grandparents, parents, children, grandchildren as well as siblings and step children who do not have to live in the same household) or if you need to accompany other family members living in the same household to doctors’ appointments or clinical examinations. You do not need to be legally entitled to care day release.

Employer agreement on sabbaticals

The University of Graz offers the option of personalised leave from work in the form of different sabbatical models.
These can be used for recuperation, to organise family matters, to undertake personal projects etc. 

Employer agreement on the provision of financial support/advance payments of salaries or remunerations

If you find yourself in financial difficulties through no fault of your own or if there are understandable reasons for the difficulties because of personal, family or economic circumstances, you can be granted financial support, or advance payments of salaries or remunerations. This option is also available if unusual events occur, which result in significant financial difficulties. 

Employer agreement on mobility and parking space allocation

The University of Graz endorses principles of sustainability and makes an active contribution to shaping mobility. For example, the university finances measures that encourage increased use of public transport, bicycles and other forms of sustainable and climate-friendly transport.

When allocating parking spaces, social criteria are taken into account such as the need to care for toddlers, children of a school age up to the end of primary school, or family members in need of care. Time spent visiting family members in care homes is not taken into account.

If you experience difficult personal circumstances (such as a temporary need for care), you can be quickly allocated a parking space for a maximum of 3 months. This measure was suggested by the employee’s councils and enabled in cooperation with the BR AUP, BR WISS and AKGL committees.

Directive on Mobile Working

Mobile Working is a form of organising and/or performing work using information and communication technology outside the official workplace at a location chosen by the employee. An application for mobile working can be made by employees of the General Staff as well as for employees whose place of work is exclusively Graz University („residential obligtion“) – therefore not affected are following staff groups: professors, associate professors, assistent professors. Student assistants are not allowed to work mobil.

You can apply for Mobile Working if:

  • the activity is suitable,
  • the minimum level of employment is 10 hours/week and You are at least 6 months in employment at the University of Graz,
  • the location of the mobile work is designed in such a way that the employee is able to work in a healthy and safe manner. 

For further Information on this topic please visit the Intranet-site of human resources.


Provisions of the employee's councils

The employee’s councils can provide you with information, brochures and personal advice (e.g. on flexible working times, part time work for parents, a baby is coming).

Employee’s councils successfully undertake negotiations on diverse employer agreements and on other measures, particularly taking into account the focus on the “compatibility of work and family”.

Your employee’s council also provides you with various different services and support provisions.

Employee's council for academic university staff

The BRwiss (employee's council for academic university staff) regularly organises different offers, which also benefit the partners and families of employees.

These offers range from big online shopping discounts to discounted vouchers for cultural events, and discount holidays.

Further up to date information can be found in the service section on the brwiss.uni-graz.at webpage.

Employee's council for non-academic university staff

  • Spar vouchers: Once a year, the BR AUP (employee's council for non-academic university staff) gives spar vouchers to non-academic university staff (civil servants, KV and VBG employees, apprentices). An income limit applies. If you are employed part time, no projection of a full time salary takes place. Eligibility requirements: present all year (actively working) during the previous year – if a ban on working was in place according to the maternity act (MschG), you are counted as being present during this time.
  • Sodexo vouchers: In coordination with the BR AUP, Human Resources gives out Sodexo vouchers to university staff financed by the global budget before Christmas every year. Recipients are non-academic staff members (including apprentices, employees in minor employment and project team members financed by the global budget), federal teachers, teachers employed on a contract basis (not including senior lecturers), civil servants and senior contract staff working in an academic capacity. The value of the vouchers given is staggered according to income and takes into account biological and adopted children up to the age of 18, who have been declared to the university.

Further offers in the BR AUP provision of services can be found on the employee’s council’s intranet pages.


Mag. Julia Spiegl, Head of department
Harrachgasse 32, 8010 Graz
Phone:+43 (0)316 380 - 2168

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Information on financial support
unikid - living with children
unicare - caring for adults/elderly

application forms day care leave, birth, Papamonat, parental leave, care leave, end-of-life care leave, ...

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