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“Papamonat” is the early parental leave for fathers granted for up to one month between the child’s birth and the end of maternity protection leave in return for not receiving your salary. During this time, your employment and insurance protection is guaranteed, but you are not entitled to holiday leave. Young fathers can receive a “family time bonus” (Familienzeitbonus) for a “Papamonat” lasting one calendar month. This sum of money will be deducted later on if you decide to claim childcare allowance.

Fathers taking papamonat are protected against dismissal. Protection against dismissal begins with the preannouncement - for months before the expected date of delivery at the earliest -  and it ends four weeks after the papamonat at the latest.


  • Joint household between the father and the child
  • Preannouncement in good time (3 months before the calculated date of delivery)
  • Timely notification of the specific start date (one week after delivery at the latest).


Please note: Papamonat does not always have an expiry-inhibiting effect in the case of fixed-term employment (exceeding of the extensions permitted according to § 109 UG).


Papamonat application form

Legal information (German only) on papamonat

Legal basis for the papamonat – father’s leave act.


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