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Parental leave

Maternity leave and parental leave

Parental leave is the entitlement to take a leave of absence from work against loss of pay. Parental leave is a legal entitlement and cannot be denied your employer.

Employees are entitled to take parental leave up to the day before their child’s second birthday if they live in the same household as the child. For the parent taking parental leave first, their leave of absence begins upon expiration of maternity protection leave following the birth. Maternity protection leave usually lasts eight weeks, but can last longer. For the mother, parental leave can also begin after a holiday or sick leave.

The employer must be notified in writing within this period if the mother wishes to take parental leave following maternity protection leave and no later than eight weeks after the birth if the father/other parent wishes to do so.

Parental leave must last at least two months.

Parental leave can be shared between the parents twice, meaning that it can be taken in three parts (e.g. paren A/parent B/parent A), with each part lasting at least two months.

If a notification of parental leave lasting less than three months has been made, any extension must be reported two months before this comes to an end.

If the parent taking care of the child first is not entitled to parental leave (e.g. if they are self-employed, a student, a homemaker), the parent in gainful employment can also take parental leave at a later point in time. This must be announced at least three months before the leave of absence is due to start.

Click here for the form Notification of birth and parental leave.

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Click here for the legal bases of the Maternity Protection Act and the Paternity Leave Act (Geman only).

Breastfeeding breaks

Breastfeeding mothers are entitled to take breastfeeding breaks after providing notification and, if necessary, after having received confirmation.



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