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Part time work – parental part time work

Part time work

If there are no disadvantages for the employer, employees can reduce their working hours, either permanently or for a short period of time.

The “new” working times need to be agreed with the university in a contract and must take legal regulations into account.

Working hours can be divided up in various different ways. However, working hours must meet the needs of the workplace.

  • Hours can be split equally across five week days
  • Hours can be blocked across less than five days per week
  • Hours can be divided unevenly across the year: in busier times you can work up to full time and in less busy times you can take time off. This model is also suitable if taking long holidays or sabbaticals. 


Check your net salary if working hours are reduced using the Chamber of Labour’s gross and net salary calculator.

Parental part time work

As is the case with regular part time work, part time work for parents also allows for working hours to be divided up in different ways across the week. The advantage is that you have a legal entitlement to part time work for parents until the child is 7 years old, as long as you have worked at the university for 3 years. Furthermore, a particular protection against dismissal exists for parents in part time work for parents.

A one-time change in parental part-time is possible.


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