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When and how to contact us ...

Tuesday, 08 May 2018

Because we're a small team and sometimes away on business, please call or conact us via e-mail to ask for more information or schedule personal appointments.

Generally you can reach us during normal university hours.

There are only a few exceptions:

  • During the Holy Week (Easter holidays) the office is closed due to us meeting in conclave. 

  • During Summer Holidays the office is closed from the last week of childcare in summer ("Holiday Fun on Campus") until the next year of school begins in September.
    unikid & unicare can be reached by e-mail service for urgent requests: unikid-unicare(at)uni-graz.at 

  • The office is also closed one week before Christmas Holidays for us to finish off the year and prepare for the next one. The office usually opens again when school starts after 6th January.

Information on opening hours, important dates and news can be found on our website and in our newsletter!

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