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Breastfeeding room, nursing room, parent-child room, consumption-free lounge for families, playroom: Kids' room in the main library

You can find baby changing units in the main building of the University of Graz - north wing ground floor and 1st floor, in the RESOWI as well as at WALL.
The exact locations can be found in the site plan (W = changing units).

  • Information and support on Work-Family Balance matters: Julia Spiegl. 
    By telephone, via e-mail or uniMEET, for students and members of the University of Graz and our cooperation partners. Please send your request and your phone number in advance via e-mail
  • Individual coaching on your topic or psychotherapeutic relief sessions: Birgit Haag.
    To arrange the contact, please send an informal e-mail to unikid & unicare. The costs (unit à 132 €) are borne by unikid & unicare.
  • General life and social counseling: Irene Trummer. Please make an appointment via e-mail.
  • Confidence center for conflict situations: Regina Lammer.
  • uniHELP: Platform for conflict resolution, psychosocial counseling, crisis support and further specialized support & assistance services: uniHELP.


Infoservice Emergency...having to be elsewhere quickly!


Internal rules at the Uni Graz

University's internal forms can be found on the Intranet

GUIDELINES Career breaks

Flexible, hourly, at home

Factsheet unikid & unicare Pool

Sitter request via e-mail to unikid & unicare

Flexible childcare institutions

Contact dates Verein M.A.M.A.

Factshee Subsidised flexible childcare hours at M.A.M.A.'s

Factsheet Cost comparison flexible - regular childcare


Kids' room in the University's main library (UB) site plan und room designation (UGO)

Request access authorization from unikid & unicare


unikid & unicare childcare provisions 

Factsheet Sitter-matching service unikid & unicare Pool

Grandmas-for-hire/Grandpas-for-hire (more information on this project can be found here)

Childcare for exceptional circumstances - request for an "emergency mum" at Verein KIB


"First aid children's emergency course" by the Austrian red cross


Factseet Childcare at academic events


Uni Graz event service

Uni Graz event handbook for download (Intranet)


Contact dates ABI-Service by the City of Graz


All childcare facilities in Graz

Nursery (0 to 3 years of age)

Official registration link by ABI-Service

(only available from mid-January until March)

Registration form nursery

Kindergarten (3 to 6 years of age)

Oficiall registration link by ABI-Service
(only available from mid-January until March)

Registration form kindergarten

Childminders (Tageseltern)

Organisations with childminder provisions

For parents...


unikid-Infos for parents

Information and registration for the Workshop Doktorat mit Familie

EKIZ - parent-child centre

Kinderfreunde family academy

Registration (SAFE) - Training program to promote a secure bond between parent and child

ZWEI UND MEHR Steiermark

Education portal for parents

For children (with parents)...


Factsheet Kurzaufenthalt in Graz mit Kindern


Indoor in Graz


Outdoor in Graz

  • Green but still interurban is the Graz City Park (Grazer Stadtpark) with playgrounds as well as some nice Cafés – from here reachable by foot is the Double spiral staircase at the Graz Castle (always accessible and free of charge).
  • On the other side of the Schlossberg (Castle Hill) is the Graz Fairytail Grotto Train (Attention, you drive into the hill here, you need warm clothes).
  • Hilmteich
    Here you can go boating in summer or just go for a walk and use the small playground. There is also a good coffee house here.
    Hilmteichstraße 70, 8010 Graz
  • Eggenberg palace
    Here you can go for a walk and admire peacocks or use the large playground.
    Eggenberger Allee 90, 8020 Graz
  • University’s botanical garden
    Here you can see well-known and unknown plants from different parts of the world.
    Schubertstraße 59, 8010 Graz
  • WIKI-Adventure-climbing park, Hilmteichstraße 110, 8010 Graz

Styrian excursion destinations

  • Soundhorn: personalized name songs
    (20% reduction with coupon code „unikid & unicare“

Extra sheet Uni Graz

Extra sheet Kunstuni Graz

Extra sheet FH JOANNEUM




Mag. Julia Spiegl, Head of department
Harrachgasse 32, 8010 Graz
Phone:+43 (0)316 380 - 2168

Please make an appointment

The Infoservice Work-Family Balance offers

Specific and compact information on facts and deadlines

Recommendations on possible courses of action

Support in identifying and clarifying related questions for all persons concerned

Support in designing (interim) solutions

A professional framework for the adaptation of plans and possibilities

Available in print, online, confidentially in person, as a workshop or presentation.

Public and school holidays


Report 2011-2015

Annual reports 2017, 2018, 2019

unikid & unicare

Your Work-Family Balance Information Centre

We are a multi-professional team providing information and support, networking and organising when it comes to questions related to Work-Family Balance.

Our daily work is guided by the following maxims: transparency, collegiality and intersubjectivity.

Please contact us via e-mail. We will react as soon as possible and support you individually and confidentially.


Information on financial support
unikid - living with children
unicare - caring for adults/elderly

application forms day care leave, birth, Papamonat, parental leave, care leave, end-of-life care leave, ...

GUIDELINES career breaks

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