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Legal and financial aspects

Information on legal aspects related to work-family balance is arranged and consolidated for you under Legal Aspects.

Here you can find information on financial matters.

Please contact us directly if you have further questions - we are happy to support you.

Financial support options

  • Care allowance - Care Levels
    The care allowance exists to cover part of extra expenses for care. In order to receive the care allowance, a child, teenager or adult has to require at least 65 hours of care per month. This need must be ascertained by an expert.

    The application is to be submitted to the responsible insurance company (retired persons) or to the Pension Insurance Department (working persons, co-insured family members).

    When no professional care services are involved, it is particularly important that care needs are documented as precisely as possible and that well-informed family members are present during the assessment. Just ask if you need the relevant documents and information.

    We recommend using the care diary for documentation - this is a template compiled by the Mobile Care Platform in Tyrol and the Tyrolian Chamber of Labour as a guideline for documentation. Also recommendet: Pflegestufen-Rechner - care level calculator to check how much care is needed.
  • Care leave allowance in the case of care leave, part time work for carers or family end-of-life care (link to the application forms).
    Care leave or part time work for carers can be arranged with employers for 1 to 3 months if there is a sudden need to care for a family member, if you need to step in for a carer, or if care needs to be organised or reorganised. If care leave, part time work for carers or family end-of-life care leave has been arranged with the employer, you are entitled to a care leave allowance if you meet certain requirements. 
  • Financial support if family carers are unavailable
    If family carers are unable to provide care due to important reasons such as illness or holiday, you can apply for a grant for professional and/or private replacement care from the financial support fund. For people in need of care who are in care level 3 or above, for dementia sufferers and minors in care level 1 or above.
  • Further options for financial Support
    The Federal Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Consumer Protection has listed additional areas where you can apply for financial support:
    • financial support for home adaptation (adaptation of flat, bath lift).
    • mobility (car adaptation etc.) or improvement of communication.
    • exemption from prescription fees, radio fees or green electricity charge.
    • free road tax disc.
    • You can also find information on receiving an increased family allowance  
  • Family end-of-life care leave grant 
    If you experience financial difficulties because you are not earning an income while you provide end-of-life care for family members, you can apply to the Federal Ministry of Family and Youth of the Republic of Austria for a grant.

Here you find continuative information provided by the Federal Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Consumer Protection.  


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Information on financial support
unikid - living with children
unicare - caring for adults/elderly

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