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Childcare for exceptional circumstances

  • The association Verein KiB – children care organises an "emergency mum" who takes over care duties at home - she is available day and night, and can be contacted under  0664/620 30 40. The association provides families with sick children with both practical and political support. Parents can ring a hotline for information. Members of the association are allocated a mentor and can even be provided with financial support.
  • Children with disabilities and those recovering from a serious illness can enjoy a free holiday with their family at Kumplgut. Even when your child’s treatment finished several years ago, it is still possible to have a holiday there.
  • Human rights and aid organisation Global Family Charity Resort makes it possible for children and their families to enjoy a free holiday if they find themselves in a difficult situation.
  • Throughout the whole of Austria, Malteser Care-Ring offers hourly and daily care, temporary care, night-time supervision, holiday care, 24/7 care and outpatient crisis intervention for families with seriously ill children, teenagers and young adults who need to be cared for at home.
  • Rainbows helps children and teenagers to come to terms with grief if they are affected by their parents’ divorce or separation, or by the death of a loved one. They are given help in coming to terms with their new family situation.
  • Vivid – this specialist department for addiction prevention answers any questions you might have about (possible) addictive behaviour related to alcohol, tobacco, media, illegal substances or behavioural addictions - and what to do about it.
  • Hilfswerk Steiermark organises MoKiDi, a mobile care service for seriously ill or disabled children.


Mag. Julia Spiegl, Head of department
Harrachgasse 32, 8010 Graz
Phone:+43 (0)316 380 - 2168

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Information on financial support
unikid - living with children
unicare - caring for adults/elderly

application forms day care leave, birth, Papamonat, parental leave, care leave, end-of-life care leave, ...

Guideline on sabbaticals and leaves (German only)

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