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Kids' room in library

Kids‘ room at University of Graz – on campus nursing room, play room and retreat possibility

At the main library of the University of Graz, a "kids' room" was set up for the stay of children accompanied by adult carers. Here you can retreat and escape for a while from bad weather or the hustle and bustle on campus. There is a small kitchen corner with a microwave for heating up food.

Here you will find the kids’ room on the map.

You will get your access card at unikid & unicare.
For your access card please send an e-mail to unikid-unicare(at)uni-graz.at.

Please find here the conditions of use.

The opening hours are based on the opening hours of the library.

There are no organised childcare services in the kids' room.
The kids' room may not be used as a working area.

In case you need hourly childcare occasionally or to bridge a gap, attend courses or lectures or prepare for a test, please contact us for more information: unikid-unicare(at)uni-graz.at.

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