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Legal and financial aspects

Information on legal aspects related to work-family balance is arranged and consolidated for you under Legal Aspects.

Here you can find information on financial matters.

Please contact us directly if you have further questions - we are happy to support you.

In general

  • Tax deduction until 2018: Childcare costs can be deducted from tax to an extent of 2.300 € per year and per child up to it's 10 birthday. Which costs can be deducted in detail and which requirements need to be met, please read here.
  • Tax deduction from 2019: Familienbonus Plus. Here you can find a calculator for choosing the best option.

For students and low income families

  • Financial support for flexible childcare: the City of Graz provides financial support for hourly and flexible childcare in institutions. This support cannot be used for the 10 hour blocks at M.A.M.A.s, which have already been subsidised by University of Graz or the Austrian National Union of Students (ÖH).
  • Financial support for Children's "Active Holiday" Weeks: The Province of Styria provides low income families with a grant for children’s holiday activity weeks in Styria if certain requirements are met.
  • Marginal employment: for marginally employed people the same labour regulations would apply as for all other employees. For instance, they can take parental leave until the child’s second birthday. Furthermore, they have the right on re-entry to the workplace after parental leave.
  • Please find here details on limits on additional income when receiving study allowances.
  • Childcare supplement for students receiving a scholarship in their final study phase.
  • Remission of the tuition fee for students with children.

Financial support in exceptional circumstances

The Province of Styria as well as the City of Graz provide following financial support for people facing a financial emergency:

Support by the Province of Styria

One-time financial support by the City of Graz

Do you need assistance with the application procedure? Please contact us.


Mag. Julia Spiegl, Head of department
Harrachgasse 32, 8010 Graz
Phone:+43 (0)316 380 - 2168

Please make an appointment


Information on financial support
unikid - living with children
unicare - caring for adults/elderly

application forms day care leave, birth, parental leave, care leave, end-of-life care leave, ...

Guideline on sabbaticals and leaves (German only)

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